16: Mylo – In My Arms

An unfortunate fact of life for fans of electronic dance music is that most actual albums (not EPs, mixtapes, or compilations) tend to be a bit rubbish. Sure, you’ll have a little handful of decent standouts, but largely you’ll be lumbered with repetition and a reliance on you being a bit too drunk to actually pay attention to what’s going on.

A notable exception to that unfair generalisation is, or at least was, Mylo, whose solitary record, 2004’s Destroy Rock & Roll, is incredible from start to finish and eluded me somehow until last week when I pressed play on a whim having saved it on the recommendation of some respected artist in some interview somewhere. This gorgeous cut, ‘In My Arms’, takes samples from Kim Carnes and Boy Meets Girl to push the 1980s into some ethereal dimension where everything is beautiful and caked in feathers. And there’s a dance floor.

Sidenote: Any clues as to whose interview that may have been – I think they mentioned Metronomy too, and so far I’ve established that it’s not ODESZA, James Blake, Brandon Flowers, Foster The People, or Eric Prydz having rewatched the potential culprits of theirs that I recalled – would be greatly appreciated. Tweet me.



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