22: RÜFÜS – Be With You

Attention! We have our first returner to the Perpetual Playlist! Less than three weeks after we said hello to ‘Like An Animal‘, RÜFÜS (+= Du Sol for you North Americans) rejoin us on the release day of Bloom with ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective label. Many of their songs have awfully contagious vocal hooks, which (I learned the fun way in Brixton last November) imprint themselves into your being half way through the first listen, causing mass hysteric singalongs to energetic pop magic that you’d never before encountered.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to properly listen to and review Bloom over the next few days, but it was ‘Be With You’ that really struck me on the first playthrough, merging that signature sound (led by Tyrone Lindqvist’s creamy voice) with some deep house-inspired percussion and a funky bassline. Good luck avoiding that chorus* in ten minutes.

*I know it’s only one line but IT’S SO CATCHY. Yes, that’s what happens when you sing something thousands of times in one song with the express intent of making a hook seem catchy, but somehow when RÜFÜS do it they make it seem cool and meaningful and euphoric. Let me have this one.



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