27: Tracy Chapman – Fast Car

Commercially-minded Kygo wannabes will seemingly leave no line unbreached in their quest to add aural palm trees to Earth’s discography. First they came for the likes of ‘Show Me Love’ and ‘Ain’t Nobody’, taking dance classics through a sterilisation process and regurgitating drab covers, and nobody really minded. After all, we had bigger reasons to be annoyed with Felix Jaehn. Now, the tropical house cartels have gone too far.

Tracy Chapman’s hauntingly beautiful ‘Fast Car’, originally released in 1988, deserves peace. A royalty machine for Chapman ever since, it’s seen more than its fair share of pale imitations and, collectively, we should all just let it be and bask in its simple light. Instead, two separate producers (Jonas Blue and Tobtok) are currently vying for high spots on iTunes charts globally with indistinguishable fluff pieces masquerading as tributes to Chapman, with vocalists sounding as wispy as they do soulless. Adding a marimba and crescendoing towards the advent of an on-beat bass drum isn’t dance music, it’s a stuttering attempt at generic pop without imagination beyond a washed-out Instagram filter.



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