46: ODESZA feat. Zyra – Say My Name (RAC Remix)

RAC, as we’ve previously discussed, is a magical remix fairy. Digging through my playlist of over 130 of his tracks, it is perhaps his remix of ODESZA‘s 2014 single ‘Say My Name’, featuring Zyra, that resonates the most. Adding up all the remixes (a dozen of which comprised one EP) on top of the original, Last.fm reckons I’ve listened to no song more. More importantly, this mix introduced me to ODESZA through the mires of vague buzz.

An RAC remix is a golden seal of approval, signalling an artist that deserves your attention. What diamonds he spends time reworking with synths and guitars in a multitude of fashions emerge as refined gems, and his discography reads as a painstakingly curated who’s who of indie darlings. Off the strength of this flip, I discovered a new favourite band and met an album in In Return that will likely remain one of my perpetual plays. Tonight, this track is up for a Grammy in the Remixed Recording, Non-Classical category. Go say their names, [PRESENTER OF AWARD].



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