50: The Go! Team – Huddle Formation

There’s nothing like an arbitrary numerical milestone to celebrate and start being a little bit chaotic and self-indulgent in delectable measure. Today marks the fiftieth day of this little experiment into the world of music collation and, to my surprise, very nearly the fiftieth day of a post actually going up on time at 10am. Even if I say there was one post that didn’t quite make it on schedule, you’d never realise. Partially because, until yesterday, an inconvenient WordPress glitch meant that we weren’t being indexed by Google. One day I’ll forget and someone will complain. That’ll be the day we’ve made it. And, having bought the domain for three years up front, there’s plenty of guaranteed (otherwise wasted) time for us to reach that lofty echelon.

Anyway, to celebrate, here’s a cracking track from the excellently-named The Go! Team. It’s called ‘Huddle Formation’ and, like many songs from relative obscurity that I unearthed between around 2007 and 2011, I found it in a video game. That game was Top Spin 3 and even just thinking about it makes me want to go to Wimbledon and eat extortionately-priced strawberries. I did that once whilst sitting opposite Ainsley Harriott. He was on the phone and it took me a while to realise exactly who he was, despite the brilliance of Ready, Steady, Cook. I was 10. Don’t judge me.

If you’ll allow me, based on the similarity of the titles Ready, Steady, Cook and Thunder, Lightning, Strike, the album that enclosed ‘Huddle Formation,’ to segue back to the song at hand, The Go! Team themselves are a shoal of Brightonians who make lovely energetic fun indie rock-pop type stuff. They did in 2004, at least. 2004 had some really great music as I mentioned a couple of times this week and I feel that The Go! Team are probably a band who killed it then but tailed off quite dramatically ever since. Exclamation marks don’t tend to last for 12 years with a maintained dose of necessary exuberance.

Brighton is the closest place of music/culture/civilisation to me, therefore this even counts as a local, if not timely, playlist addition. The Feeling might be a little bit closer but that’s a vein of inoffensive blandness that we don’t quite need to revisit at this stage.



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