51: DNCE – Cake By The Ocean

One of my very first appearances on the Surge Music Show, which mercifully doesn’t exist on the Web outside of this very blog post thanks to our good friends “technical difficulties,” was marred by a mistaken case of love at first sight with Nick Jonas‘ ‘Levels.’ No match for Avicii of course, but that first listen to an overwhelmingly generic attempt at combining funky guitars with garish teen pop – or perhaps the adrenaline rush that came with having a functional microphone in my face broadcasting my voice across the waves – led me to say some awfully complimentary things about the track that I later horrendously regretted. I blame everyone else in the studio for not calming me down. You know who you are.

A couple of days after first hearing of DNCE and their song ‘Cake By The Ocean,’ I’m fairly confident in the track and willing to commit that vague endorsement to the eternity that is Web journalism (or whatever is going on here). After enjoying what I imagine a not-dreadful Cobra Starship song to sound like in whatever parallel dimension must exist for such a thing to be plausible, it came to my attention that DNCE is, in fact, another new Jonas project, this time from Joe. It’s chaotic and messy, and that’s not just referring to the video featuring everyone’s least-favourite pylon-headed excuse for a comedian-cum-plagiariser-and-winetrepreneur, The Fat Jew.

By the end of the week the novelty will have worn off and I’ll be hunting down a copy of this on CD just to experience the joy of throwing it out of my tenth-floor window, I suspect. For now, I’ll shut up and eat.



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