57: Zedd & Aloe Blacc – Candyman

Zedd‘s debut Clarity, a pop-stained infusion of gritty electro sounds and house beats, was really quite nice. Tracks like the Foxes-featuring title record and ‘Fall Into The Sky,’ with Ellie Goulding and Lucky Date, were exquisite, at least to my ears in their recovery from a minor case of SHM addiction (which, of course, introduced me to Zedd in 2011). Unfortunately, the only thing that could be said for last year’s followup True Colors was that it provided good remix fodder for the likes of Marshmello and Grey.

To promote M&Ms, Zedd has returned to form with ‘Candyman,’ some kind of addictive twist on the Wonka anthem. It sounding a lot like a Grey remix of Avicii is probably no mistake – Aloe Blacc and the electronic sphere haven’t been caught together since the banjotastic ‘Wake Me Up,’ and the mysterious siblings did do some kind of clearly extensive work with Zedd on it – and future bass of this variety is always welcome, regardless of source. Now, we may bounce.

And keep pretending that Smarties aren’t far better.



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