58: Orson – No Tomorrow

Finding he most endearing aspect of this as-of-today decade-old lowest-selling UK chart-topper of all time is difficult. Maybe it’s the lyrics about school and Red Bull; maybe it’s hat-wearing singer Jason Pebworth having both a mildly humorous name and hat; maybe it’s the time I found (and, on some whim likely based on this song’s lasting appeal, bought) the album in Sainsbury’s for £2. Regardless, before Pebworth and George Astasio combined to bring Iggy Azalea to pop glory, they made a pretty decent rocky number or three. A decade ago. Here they are performing it on Top of the Pops because, as all of the song’s official videos eluded my Google search I assume they were stuck on a dialup connection at the time and never got around to that YouTube thing properly.
I feel old.



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