67: Bombay Bicycle Club – Evening/Morning

This year will be the one where I finally break my festival duck, being drawn in to at least Lovebox thanks to the allure of LCD Soundsystem‘s comeback and the practicality of a trip to Victoria Park with its easy journeys to domesticated dwellings and general aura of not being a field full of muddy, drunk people. Trawling through lineups has, therefore, finally meant something, but one absent name is notably conspicuous and disappointing. Bombay Bicycle Club, who headlined the inaugural Citadel Festival in that same park last summer and would have drawn me along if not for exorbitant ticket prices, have announced one of those deals where they’re not officially breaking up and they claim to still tolerate each other yet won’t promise anything in the future under the banner (of defunct Indian chain restaurants). ‘Tis a shame, for they have produced quite a few utter delights, such as ‘Evening/Morning,’ the third track from their debut I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose.



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