70: Mint Royale feat. Willem Dafoe – Ring

You probably know Mint Royale as the guy* that made ‘Singing In The Rain’ cool again, reaching number 1 with his edit of it in 2008 after some Britain’s Got Talent-driven lack of label effort that made a very interesting Storify tale. It’s now been nine years since his last album release and just over two since ‘Ring,’ the Willem Dafoe-bearing Super Bowl-utilised last single, was released, and now he’s decided to call ‘Time’ and give the name one final sendoff. As the era ends, let’s enjoy the electronic pop pep talk narrated by an Oscar-nominated actor to end all electronic pop pep talks narrated by Oscar-nominated actors.

*: Wikipedia informs me that Neil Claxton assumed the solo mantle after Chris Baker’s departure in 2004. And, since Neil’s the one that I enjoy on Twitter as Mint Royale, we’ll sticking with the singular.



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