85: A. K. Paul – Landcruisin’

Pleading for new music from Rayners Lane hermit Jai Paul seems to have been a success of sorts. In partnership with his similarly elusive brother Anup (aka A. K.), a so-called Paul Institute has been established and, by the looks of ‘Landcruisin’,’ a track so enjoyable that Zane Lowe played it thrice, it’s a record label. Does this mean something larger is in the works for 2016? Knowing Jai’s conveyor speed, which has generated for him universal adoration despite releasing two whole songs in the five years we’ve followed scarce traces of him, of course not. That being said, A. K. does a pretty fine impression of his brother here, and this photo with Miguel supposedly proves they are different people who might both be doing music of some kind that we’ll hear before the millennium is out.



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