89: Ariana Grande – Be Alright

Appearing on Saturday Night Live a few weeks back, Ariana Grande turned a quite dreadful sketch about Tidal into a masterclass of musical impersonation. From Shakira to Whitney Houston, she replicated other vocalists with impeccable ease, proving beyond any doubt that she’s one of the finest singers in pop today. Now, in the form of a “promotional single” for new record Dangerous Woman, she takes on another, perhaps less conventional target: Mura Masa.

The credits of ‘Be Alright’ read unremarkably as a conventional pop committee roll call, despite her prior history with unexpected collaborators (i.e. Major Lazer and Cashmere Cat). Mura Masa is out of sight but not out of mind, as the package will be extremely familiar to anyone who’s enjoyed ‘What If I Go?‘ or ‘Firefly,’ and he says he had zero involvement. His riposte, a GIF of Kermit sipping tea, is now absent. His inspiration, no matter how liberally it was applied, remains pleasant despite its absent sheen.



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