94: Booker T. & The M.G.’s – Soul Limbo

Sleep deprivation. Let’s talk about tha…actually, Saturday wasn’t nearly productive enough for me to actually get around to completely finishing my review of Thursday’s ODESZA show and I really should cover that and the palaver that was travelling to and from it during a foreign excursion all in one go. I promise I’ll actually write that post for this here blog at some point that’s both before midnight and entitles a relevant song to link to a completed review tomorrow, on day 94. That last hyperlink is my promise to you.

Anyway, England are playing the West Indies in the ICC World Twenty20 final today. I plan to spend my day largely hunched over the keyboard to relieve my backlog of articles whilst revelling in the company of Aggers and co. as England win their second international tournament crown at the umpteenth attempt. Without ‘Soul Limbo,’ a day of cricket broadcasts distracting me from far more sensible things wouldn’t be the same.



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