98: Chet Faker – 1998

Sometimes it gets to the early hours of the morning and I realise that, having not planned any post yet for this place, I’ve got to either go on a new music hunt, finish off something that’s been dwelling in the drafts box for a few weeks, or pick something that bears some relevance to the day of publication that doesn’t require much thought. Today may well seem like one of those latter days, but rest assured that it is as meticulously selected as Chet‘s beard hairs, which this rambling introduction assumes are meticulously selected. Anyway, his record Built On Glass is my go-to for nights when I’m feeling a bit gloomy and have a need to wander round Asda. This is, I will admit, an odd niche for an album, but his downbeat mumbles really do suit the occasion if I’m out of Reply All episodes to cheer me up in the yogurt aisle. ‘1998’ eases through after 8 tracks, bubbling up to an uplifting chord progression that works phenomenally live if YouTube is to be believed, and an alternate version (sadly lacking the extensive intro) with Banks reasserts its sombre meanderings. The title might even be a maths thing. What more do you need when soul-searching in the green giant?



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