99: Sigala feat. John Newman & Nile Rodgers – Give Me Your Love

Invariably, I’m awake in the very early hours of Fridays, finding myself trawling through the week’s new releases (often in the vain hope that ‘From Me To You‘ is getting a confirmed UK push) to find a bunch of things that are worth a listen when the actual morning comes, often that I’d not expected. Today, it’s a new track from Sigala, Norfolk’s emerging bastion of Ministry of Sound-backed dance-pop, with the seductive pairing of John Newman‘s gorgeous if extravagantly theatrical voice and the impeccable guitar riffs of modern serial electro-collaborator Nile Rodgers for company.

For some reason, it’s appearing here and on Spotify 10 weeks before its official release date, which may well be but, akin to ‘Say You Do,’ ‘Easy Love,’ and ‘Sweet Lovin’,’ it’s bound to1 give Capital something to obsess over this summer as the infatuation with Justin Bieber‘s Purpose steadily subsides 6 months on. Observing my flawless model for time taken for Sigala tracks to endear themselves to my grumpy ear, it’s the most deserving yet.

1: Why yes, this is an incredibly vague reference to Sigma‘s debut and the perpetual state of confusion in which we all dwell due to the similarities of their names and, in some respects, pop-heavy pseudo-dance records that abandon all pretence of underground authenticity in the style of mutual collaborator DJ Fresh. Totally intentional, I swear.



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