100: HONNE & Izzy Bizu – Someone That Loves You

Well, I wasn’t really expecting this to actually happen. We’ve somehow made it to an arbitrary milestone that, thanks to the added digit that will now adorn every post, seems significant. WordPress mildly spoiled the illusion yesterday morning, as it chucked me a notification that the post I had scheduled the night before, celebrating the return of a man that never actually went away, was the hundredth post here thanks to my little introduction at the outset. Anyway, we’re here now. Next time we have a milestone of this precise ilk, it’ll be September 2018, and I’ll probably have escaped from university and hopefully found myself a real job that stops me from scribbling a few muddled sentences on a song each day. Thankfully, my scrambling self back in January bought the domain for three years right away, so not reaching that decaton point would actually be costing me money. It’s the little things you do to motivate yourself into finally starting some kind of genuine music blog that get you.

To celebrate this milestone, there could be no better pairing of soulful excitement circa 2016 than ‘Someone That Loves You,’ a collaboration between HONNE, a soppy love letter incarnated into purveyors of tender electronica, and Izzy Bizu, the bright spark of British soul-pop. Both artists came to my attention with tracks released towards the end of last year (‘Gone Are The Days‘ and ‘White Tiger’) which were both strong contenders to be the first track featured here, before I’d even flushed out a vague format for these entries. The cover of ‘White Tiger,’ though it has yet to join the Playlist, was even the first image I uploaded to the filestore that wasn’t either of myself or a dog in a suit.

That nostalgic frivolity aside, ‘Someone That Loves You’ is a true duet with a glorious ampersand sitting not on the cover but in the heart, with Andy and Izzy each bringing a verse to what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful soul efforts of the year thus far. The choruses, encouraging patience and devotion with a reassuring tone, are perfectly harmonic duets that charge back into life when you think they, and everything, might be gone. It reads as less of a sonnet from HONNE’s perspective and less of a thorough pop joy from Izzy’s, and it is that absence that makes the resulting combination so special.

PS: In the words of Kele, keep it 💯.



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