102: Katy B & Kaytranada – Honey

Had you asked me at the turn of the year which albums I was most looking forward to, Katy B and Kaytranada would not have crossed my radar whatsoever. For Katy, her brand of underground UK dance music with a charismatic pop sheen was pleasant but easily forgettable when the second album Little Red came around. Kaytranada, whose name had only reached me through a remix of Tensnake, seemed like a proficient producer of hip-hop house-type stuff.

Yet, something changed somewhere along the line. Katy’s involvement with KDA‘s ‘Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)’ piqued my interest in upcoming LP Honey, which is a set of collaborations with seemingly everyone (Craig David, Four Tet, Major Lazer, etc.), and Kaytranada too buried himself away and attracted some promising guests for 99.9%, which I learned yesterday from an excellent interview he recently gave to The Fader. Together, they create the title track for Katy’s record which, though not the most outstanding cut yet, is a superbly recumbent piece of smooth R&B with a nostalgic twang.



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