105: The Chainsmokers feat. Charlee – Inside Out

Few hit singles have disappointed me as much as The Chainsmokers‘ ‘#SELFIE.’ What started as a bit of a joke from a New York duo behind a string of very impressive dance remixes of indie pop tracks (see their spins on Jónsi, Fenech-Soler, and Anna of the North for a little introduction) got a bit out of hand when Dim Mak picked it up and everyone endured a deliberately irritating blob of Melbourne bounce for a few months, oblivious to the guys’ true pedigree and sound.

Fortunately, their follow-up records are far more reminiscent of those remixes, and the charts are slowly catching up. ‘Roses,’ featuring Rozes and their own Drew on vocals, has now out charted ‘#SELFIE’ in their homeland and is charging up the UK charts courtesy of a Radio 1 playlisting 9 months after release. 2016 has brought two singles so far, with ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ an underwhelming Jack Ü imitation featuring Daya next in line to commercial ascension, and today’s pick, which shows that the melodic, emotional aura that they brought to dance with great songwriting by others can live on, even though the remixes are on pause.



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