108: Alex Newell, Jess Glynne, DJ Cassidy & Nile Rodgers – Kill The Lights

HBO’s new show Vinyl hasn’t quite crossed my radar apart from a few tangential soundtrack moments from the likes of Royal Blood seeping into the blogs I follow, but the latest supercollaboration it has spawned is a rather special bit of old-fashioned disco.

Wikipedia informs me that the show is centred on a 1970s record executive, and Nile Rodgers is not only very easily available for a feature these days but also by far the best man to revitalise the sound he orchestrated in Chic‘s peak time. DJ Cassidy, whose pastel attire and cricket jumpers almost made Jessie J and Robin Thicke tolerable in 2014, handles the rest of the music, and Jess Glynne, holder of 5 number 1 singles already, and former Glee fixture and fellow friend of Clean Bandit Alex Newell duet, swapping lines and battling their fabulous voices on the chorus.

There’s even a bunch of remixes from the likes of Yolanda Be Cool and Dimitri From Paris which I need a bit more time to process, plus a music video for a version sadly lacking Jess (even though it’s hard to be disappointed by more Alex) if the happiest disco extravaganza of the year wasn’t quite enough for you.



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