111: Galantis – In My Head (Matisse & Sadko Remix)

Some mysterious trail of events yesterday led me back to Spotify’s year in review, which informed me of multiple things that mostly related to how much I listened to ODESZA. One of these alleged factoids was that I listened to Matisse & Sadko‘s remix of Galantis‘ weakest single more times in a single day than any I did other song. As plausible as this is – partially because I could never forget the day I accidentally pressed play on my headphones during an Economics tutorial session and, trying to prevent any noise leaking out, pulled them out to ultimately give the whole class five seconds of sanctioned Russian madness when Sony decided to let me down once again – I know it to be untrue, as Gold Panda‘s ‘Clarke’s Dream’ and ‘Romeo’ by Basement Jaxx both went far beyond the figure Spotify quoted as I stuck them on repeat to energise me through coursework crunches. If either of those show up here, please send tea.

Regardless, it’s deliciously melodic electronic (and debatably, in the YouTube comments of course, progressive) house of the ilk that Swedish House Mafia had me hooked on for years as I got dragged into this strange and exciting world of computer music. Matisse & Sadko may only do one thing, but at least they do it right.



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