121: Bonzai – Where Are U Now

When Mura Masa tweeted news of an imminent Bonzai EP late last month, I got excited. A lot. Of course, I didn’t pause to realise that Bonzai was not a title but rather the “Irish disaster-rave queen” signed to his Anchor Point label. Even then, based on what little I’d heard prior through ‘What If I Go?’ and a Maida Vale session version of ‘Lovesick Fuck,’ I was expecting some sort of soft neo-soul or alt-R&B produced by Mura Masa’s tender caress.


Sleepy Hungry is utterly bonkers…Irish disaster-rave, and lead promo ‘No Rest’ has found its way onto BBC Radio 1’s In New Music We Trust playlist. Somewhere (well, W1A) on a legitimate radio station in the daytime, this delectable chaos is being played to millions of listeners. It’s glorious, particularly closers ‘Sick ‘Em’ and this song that, thanks to the eschewed umlaut, is definitely not a Jack Ü cover.

My chance encounter with Sleepy Hungry came into use last night when, on the spot in The Edge‘s AGM, I was asked to name an album I’d enjoyed this year that I didn’t think anyone else in the room would have been aware of. As of July 1st, I’ll be their new Records Editor, so I guess that all worked out quite well.

And the Katy B review is finally done. Yesterday was a good day.



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