128: Charli XCX – Explode

A lot can change on New Music Friday, especially when it’s as excellent as yesterday’s. We’ve already covered the gentle fanfare of a new James Blake LP and I’ll probably still be picking through the day’s further fruits all the way until we have another. One thing I even went out and bought on a CD. That good.

Anyway, 24 hours ago I had no interest in The Angry Birds Movie. I hadn’t even dared to risk watching the trailer to ascertain quite how dreadful it looked. Then, on a day when Justin Timberlake blows the world away with moderately acceptable Timberlaking in the name of Trolls, Charli XCX returns from her little sojourn into the wacky world of PC Music to show us all how movie tie-ins are done. A highlight of a soundtrack album that features Peter Dinklage himself singing about volatile eagles, ‘Explode’ erupts in a sea of carefree pop enticing enough to have me booking a ticket for some 3D pig-crushing next Saturday. For journalism, I swear.



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