132: Basement Jaxx – Romeo

When it comes to the hunt for songs to keep me sufficiently energised and yet unenthused to stick on repeat while I charge through coursework projects in a somewhat haphazard fashion, I tend to prefer gently undulating instrumentals with nice percussion. In fact, Mylo‘s ‘Paris Four Hundred’ is doing a splendid job as I write. Yet, amidst my playlist of the stuff, there’s one vocal exception that gets more plays than almost anything else there: this one, fittingly. 40 times in a day is, I believe, a record that Last.fm may be able to confirm. Today and tomorrow may well mount a challenge.

Deliveries shaped like pizza and/or actually nice nectarines (not those ones with the consistency of apples I keep finding in Tesco) are much appreciated. Thanks will be paid in the form of tomorrow’s post here, which may be the most enjoyable yet.



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