136: LCD Soundsystem – Dance Yrself Clean

Guess who’s a complete idiot who had a bit too much to drink (note that straight vodka, no matter how many straws you drink it through, is never a good idea) during Australia’s great Eurovision robbery last night at the hands of somone who sounded far too like Clare Maguire to be any kind of a successful pop act in what was perhaps the most tragicomic conclusion to a Eurovision Song Contest in its 51 year history, thus forgetting to actuzlly schedule a post here until far too long after he should have gone to sleep if there’s to be any chance of him making it to the Odeon for The Angry Birds Movie tomorrow morning to almost certainly speak of it most savagely in the name of journalism? Yes, me. However could you guess?

Dance yrselves clean with me, darlings. This one even has some Muppets in Brighton.



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