137: James Blake feat. Bon Iver – I Need A Forest Fire

I’ve not quite managed to give The Colour In Anything, James Blake‘s successor to the Mercury winner Retrograde, enough thunder attention yet. If it’s anything like Retrograde, it won’t get a proper listen from me until around three hours before the next album appears out of the ether, for Blake demands an acquired taste. His emotive piano-led material – the Feist cover from the debut, for example – won my heart, and the more experimental electronic side too oozes talent and beauty, yet when meshed in album form they can provide a byproduct that, while intricate and fascinating, is a bit uncomfortable.

Eventually I will find myself with the mindset I perceive is necessary for the apparently sketchy new work, tiding myself over with two stand-out preview cuts until that arises. We’ve already touched ‘Modern Soul,’ and ‘I Need A Forest Fire,’ his second collaboration with Bon Iver after the bizarre ‘Fall Creek Boys Choir,’ suggests that this particular blend of those two Blakes will be far warmer, even if it’s because everything is burning down and starting again.



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