141: Craig David – One More Time

Next weekend, I’ll be at Southampton’s Common People for my first ever crack at a proper music festival. While it won’t quite be a stereotypical festival experience – I’ll be firmly on media duty (for which you should read my preview and picks of some artists to track down) and it’s taking place literally 15 minutes walk from where I live – it should be a tremendous weekend, especially if the return of Craig David has anything to do with it.

He’s not been on these pages for nearly 9 weeks, with ‘Got It Good’ missing out narrowly to ‘Track Uno‘ in the quest to be the first track from Kaytranada‘s 99.9% for me to rave about here. Fortunately, with three festival appearances lined up for the Bank Holiday period, he’s here with a New Music Friday treat in the shape of ‘One More Time,’ his first real solo effort since re-emerging from the mists of Miami. He even takes the opportunity to both sing and rap about Southampton. It’s lovely.



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