142: Martin Solveig feat. Tkay Maidza – Do It Right

Since ‘Hello,’ I’ve had quite the soft spot for Martin Solveig‘s approach to fun, quirky house music. It even drew me to Germany back in 2011 to pick up a CD copy of Smash, an album which never received a UK release after ‘Ready 2 Go,’ the Kele-of-Bloc Party-featuring follow-up to ‘Hello,’ failed to crack the top 40. Well, I happened to be in Germany anyway, though I still splashed out €15 having entered a Müller store on a mission. Totally worth it, FWIW.

His recent discovery of future house, as exhibited on surprising hit GTA collaboration ‘Intoxicated,’ has ensured a welcome return to the spotlight for the Frenchman, and new record ‘Do It Right’ strays little from the satisfactory mould carved out with his two releases of 2015. Weeks of teasing made much of the track, with Tkay Maidza on vocals, quite unsurprising, however the (currently underwhelming) percussive break, verging on cowbell, is likely to either grow or be superseded by some friendly remix/Skepta mashup before becoming a mainstay of student club nights in Southampton everywhere.

Sidenote: SoundCloud Go’s existence really has, somehow, made SoundCloud even more of a pain to use for the enjoyment of music. 30-second previews at the start of tracks that you can’t queue or stop from automatically progressing doesn’t encourage fear in my wallet.



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