179: LANY – pink skies

For the second successive Friday, my early morning browsing of new releases made me rejoice in a sea of unexpected LANY. Unfortunately, it came during a fleeting lull during SUSUtv’s coverage of the EU referendum results and, by the time I came round to hitting play on kinda for the first time, I was in desperate need of sleep, the UK had decided to leave the EU, and the Prime Minister had resigned. It was a far cry from the chilled summer vibes that LANY’s email newsletter had promised, and I was subsequently far too grumpy to appreciate any of it. Opener ‘like you lots’ sounded hideous, and ‘current location’ was close to being one of the worst things I’d ever heard.

Very soon after, I was asleep and missing trains, but fortunately that rejuvenated me somewhat. More so, it allowed me to realise that kinda was, well, kinda fantastic. My full review-cum-swooning-over-Paul-Klein-session is up now on The Edge.



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